History & Vision

The Business

Bergs Timber produces and sells sawn and processed timber products with the emphasis on adaptation to customer needs. Production takes place at four sawmill plants in Mörlunda, Orrefors, Gransjö an Broakulla, as well as at the timber preservation company Bitus, located in Nybro. The Group’s sawmills are equipped with planing mills for processing, and all plants are situated within range of 100 kilometres. Total sawmill capacity is approximately 410,000 m³ of sawn timber, of which more than half is processed. Over the financial year, sawmill production totalled 283,000 (293,000) m³. Bitus produces around 155,000 m³ of preserved timber per year. Of the Company’s timber products, more than 70 percent is exported, mainly to the UK, USA, Scandinavia and the Middle East/North Africa. By-products from manufacture are sold to the pulp and particle board industries and, to an ever-increasing extent, as a fuel from our fuel terminal. Timber raw materials are obtained primarily from the areas surrounding the Group’s sawmills. The Group offers a full range of silvicultural services, ranging from advising forest owners, to clear felling. The Parent Company, Bergs Timber AB (publ), has been listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange since 1984. Today, the Company is listed on the Small Cap, Materials, List of the Nasdaq OMX Nordic Exchange, Stockholm.

90 years since the start

In the year 1919, Carl Fabian Berg founded the company that for decades would be known as CF Berg & Co. Carl Fabians profession was carpenter and he needed timber. He started the business with a mobile sawmill that was moved around from one place to another in the forest. Apart from timber, the company also produced wood charcoal, which was produced in charcoal stacks, and wood fuel to produce wood-gas. It was not until the 1940s that the business arrived at the place where the sawmill in Mörlunda stands today. The founders son, Alf Berg, moved back home to help with the business. Before this, Alf had been a grocer on Påskallavik, a small town south of Oskarshamn. A fire destroyed large parts of the sawmill at the start of the 1950s. For almost a year, Alf wondered if he should build up the business again. The rebuilding, no doubt, was due to the  fact that the greater part of the dry plant, which by the standards of the day was modern, had survived the flames.

Alf lived until he was 88, and sat on the Board until the day he died, which at the time made him the oldest board member in a quoted company.
Apart from wood products, the company for a time also manufactured doors and work clothes. The production of work clothing was started to give employment to the women in the town and to those women who moved with their husbands. Since 2006, the company has been called Bergs Timber AB.



Bergs Timber’s vision is to be the natural partner when it comes to wood products, timber preservation, energy and forest management in Bergs Timber’s prioritised markets and areas. Bergs Timber has employees with experience and expertise who enable us to meet our customers’ expectations for customisation and service. By focusing on close customer relations combined with rational production, we are able to meet the challenge of ever-increasing competition in the wood products industry. Local forest owners are very important for our raw material supply and our ambition is to be their reliable and competitive partner.