Europe's largest wood treatment plant

Bitus is the leading-edge in Bergs Timber, which makes us a strong partner for treated timber products. Here we produce large volumes in several different classes, both for our own sawmills as well as for several external customers. The company was started in 1965, and from 2007, it belongs to Bergs Timber.

The plant has a very high degree of modernisation and works with clear environmental goals.

Bitus main products today are Bitus Scandex, which is the collective name for all classes of traditional wood treatment. The largest volumes are produced in the classes BS (United Kingdom), NTR (Scandinavia) and CTB (France/Spain etc.). Moreover, our Linax product is also produced here in an ultramodern plant.

Mission statement

We shall:

  • Be Europe's most environmentally friendly wood treatment plant.
  • Be regarded as the best partner for each individual customer.
  • Be a natural partner in regulatory processes.
  • Comply with relevant regulations and abide by Swedish PEFC requirements and intentions as well as ensuring that our raw materials are obtained only from legal and authorized logging sources.
  • Be a model workplace through implementing work environment laws as well as other regulations and requirements concerning the company.
  • Carry out environmental work every day as a natural part of our function.
  • Work on achieving a "sound workplace".

Henrik Egnell

Head of business area Bitus

Phone: 010-199 85 82

Mobile: 070-590 01 35