In Mörlunda  we mainly produced structural timber for markets in US, England, Scandinavia and Asia. Mörlunda production is entirely focused on small logs and has the budget to reach about 105 000 m3 sawn goods. A new small log line has been built during the winter of 2013/2014 and in the spring of 2014 put into operation.

The production is length sorted in an early stage creating a  rational handling of the timber further. The main quality of the sorting is made in our modern planing mill. A large part of the planed timber products are sorted for strength to follow the European regulatory framework for structural timber.

Furthermore the Mörlunda mill has  modern kilning facilities and good sheeds which ensures good quality to our customers.

Roger Eckerstig

Technical Manager

Phone: 010-199 85 28

Mobile: 072-216 68 28