Invoice information

To all our customers of Bergs Timber

With effect from September 2017, we shall simplify our sales of sawn and processed timber products for all our customers through our company Bergs Timber Production AB. 

For you as a customer, this means that our existing commitments from the companies of Bergs Timber Gransjö AB and Bergs Timber Broakulla AB will be transferred at the time of invoicing to Bergs Timber Production AB, under company number 556153-6789. 

All new contracts / agreements established with effect from September 2017 will be through our counterparty Bergs Timber Production AB.

This change will also affect all our suppliers of freight services for sawn and further processed timber, as well as our agencies. For you, this change means that you should only use the following invoicing address in future:

For paper invoices: 
Bergs Timber Production AB
FE 233
SE-832 80 Frösön
For electronic invoices:

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact: Sales Manager Per-Åke Bergh on telephone: 0736-736116, or email:

Invoice by letter or mail

Bergs Timber has different adresses depending on which company the invoice relates, below shows the current bill adresses. Please note that the following production sites are included in Bergs Timber Production AB: Mörlunda, Vimmerby, Orrefors and Bitus. Please only send one invoice (with accompanying specification) per envelope.

We prefer to receive inovices by email as this is the fastes and most secure option. We would like to receive the invoice in PDF-format and if there is a specification along with the invoice this is set to be in the same PDF-file.

Our requirements of a reference

Please remember to always enter the correct reference on the invoice. The reference consists of four letters, eg Jörgen Karlsson - JOKA. Is the reference unknown please contact the contact person in Bergs Timber.

If the invoice is incorrect or if the reference is missing, the invoice will be returned to you with demands for a new proper invoice with new invoice date and due date.

Billing address



Bergs Timber Production AB

FE 233

832 80 Frösön

Bergs Timber Gransjö AB

FE 282

832 80 Frösön

Bergs Timber Broakulla AB

FE 281

832 80 Frösön